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airplane travel

In my previous blog, I used to write a lot about travel beauty faves. A lot. It only seems apt to bring these kinds of posts back. Do I still love the same stuff? Have I upgraded any of my old ‘holy grail’ travel beauty products?

airplane travel
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Now i’m firmly in my mid thirties, it’s becoming all the more apparent that I need to start using a proper skin care routine, and religiously (which I now do!). Additionally, it’s even more important that I keep this up when traveling. Slipping back into neglecting skincare results in a very tired looking blogger, and we really don’t need that!

Let’s start with travel eye cream.

Reasons why packing eye cream in your hand luggage is a must have:

  • It hydrates your skin
  • It can freshen you up
  • It helps to give an impression of ‘i’m not tired’ when you’re shattered on the inside

I don’t tend to wear eye cream religiously in my day to day. (only on those days when I get less than my usual 8 hours). I am lucky enough to not suffer from dark circles under my eyes, so often dabbing a little extra moisturiser is usually enough.

However, when I’m flying or traveling, and my sleep cycle gets a little bit ruffled, I’ve learned in the past that not looking after it on long haul journeys leads to a dry, flat looking face that takes ages to sort out again.

Since then, I’ve learned to slather my face in lotions and potions on flights and I love trying out new products to take with me on my travels.

The product

Currently, I’m loving Polaar’s Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour Energiser. Seemingly a multi-use product, it claims to ‘eliminate puffiness, dark circles and stimulate eyelash growth too’. This is definitely overtaking my previous holy grail eye cream.

polaar icy magic eye cream

The packaging

The packaging is very cool, lightweight and perfect for taking on flights. I can’t get enough of the metal rollerball, which I can’t stress enough, that on flights, you need this kind of eye cream to help soothe stressed skin when your body clock is all over the shop.

icy magic eye cream


The formula

I love the cooling formula of this product; more of a gel than a cream, the ginseng helps to rejuvenate and cool down my eyes when I’m traveling long distance (it’s also great after a long gym session to pep my eyes back!).

icy magic eye cream

Want to try it for yourself? You can pick it up at Look Fantastic, here.

What is your current holy grail skincare for travel? Let me know in the comments below!


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