5 cool things to do in Copenhagen

el macho copenhagen

Copenhagen was our second stop on our interrailing adventure this winter. Here’s my choice for 5 cool things to do whilst you’re there.

 1. sample the local cuisine

danish xmas dinner

Trying traditional food is all part of the traveling experience and I love trying new cuisines from different cultures. We were there on xmas day, and our hostel held a traditional group meal for Christmas. Pork with caramelised potatoes and cabbage (plus a gorgeous dessert) – it was delicious! Whilst ours was provided with our accommodation – check out Visit Copenhagen’s list to get your fill.

 2. Feel magical in Tivoli

tivoli gardens

A visit to Copenhagen is incomplete without a visit to Tivoli Gardens. An old amusement park in the heart of the city, it hasn’t lost its Victorian charm. The park also gets right into the Christmas spirit with fake snow. If the rides aren’t your thing (like me) – you can just pay for regular entry – it costs about £10 and it’s really worth it. Quirky, pretty, wonderful. I want to see it in Summer!

3. walk around the walls of Kastellet

Courtesy of Reddit

A fortress shaped like a star, and very much open to the public was one of our favourite surprising finds in Copenhagen. It still operates to this day, entry is free and there’s plenty to explore despite its small size. You can wander around the top or get involved by meandering around the grounds themselves. We did both, of course!

kastellet copenhagen

4. Sample the biggest breakfast in town

El Macho was a force to be reckoned with! Served up in a skillet, this breakfast consisted of skin on fries, brisket, pork belly, chorizo, onion, tomato, cheese and a fried egg. I needed a big breakfast, and I definitely got one! Served up in the Generator Hostel, it cost 95DKK before our discount.

el macho copenhagen

Worth popping in if you have a big day of sightseeing ahead! Copenhagen is not cheap so it’s worth getting in a big breakfast to help you save some cash!

5. All the colours of Nyhavn


Nyhavn or New Harbour is the picture perfect dock district of the city. It’s worth the walk around. Stunning! We were lucky to even have heaps of Christmas market stalls selling hot chocolates and Glogg!

Are you planning a trip to Copenhagen? Have you been before? Tell me your favourite thing in the comments!

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